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Where to eat and drink in Briancon

A vacation in the fortified town of Briancon can be as satisfying to the palate as to your eyes. Local food and cuisine is very appetizing and also available quite freely. Briancon being a curious amalgamation of the ancient and the modern, steeps in age old hospitality and modern amenities with bed and breakfast rooms and restaurants to keep you comfortable, while you explore the beautiful Alpine environs.

Au Plaisir Ambre in BrianconYou can find some good hotels near the skiing area so that you can head towards the slopes whenever you feel like it. Many of these offer rooms to match different budgets and offer breakfast for an extra charge if you need it. You can even book most accommodations online, such as the Parc Hotel and Hotel Vauban, well before you leave for your Briancon holiday.

The best way to sample the local food and drink is to visit one of the many restaurants in the town. You are most likely to find the best restaurants near the ski slopes where the maximum business happens. Some of the restaurants, like Le Valentin, are housed in old buildings where the beauty of the structure adds to the ambience. Look for restaurants that serve authentic Alpine dishes like Tartiflette and Tourtons Des Hautes Alpes. The La Torche restaurant is a good place to visit for this kind of menu.

Although many good hotels do have pubs attached, you needn’t worry if yours doesn’t. There are several bars and pubs in Briancon that offer a great nightlife experience. But, if a pub is a must-have for you, then it is better to book a hotel with one because you may not find one right next door.

Those who are visiting here in mid January can get a gastronomical treat as the week long food and drink festivals roll around at this time. This is a great chance to taste different kinds of local cuisine as well as buy food and drink products unique to this part of the world.

Weekly market on Wednesday is a good place to pick up fresh foods that will last if you are planning on a hiking or back packing trip in the coming week. Buying for your trip from this market will keep your costs well within your budget. You will also find enough food products in the well stocked supermarkets that dot the town. Fresh vegetables and fruits are available in plenty in Briancon.

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