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Climbing in Briancon

The city of Briancon, which is the highest city in the European Union, is situated in southern France near the Italian border. Placed in between the French Alps, this city is difficult to reach but attracts a lot of tourists and mountaineers who enjoy sporting activities like hiking, rock climbing, ice climbing, cycling and many more that spell adventure.

Rocher Baron rock climbing around BrianconBriancon has around 300 days of sunshine and attracts huge number of tourists during both summers and winters. The little known valleys of Briancon are some of the finest for rock climbing in France, ranging from easy routes with a rating of 2 to the toughest high altitude routes rated at 8.

The Les Ecrins National Park to the west of Briancon, which is located between the Daphne Alps and the Hautes Alpes, is a challenging zone for both amateur and expert rock climbers. For rock climbing activities here, all you need to do is get in touch with the local tour guides or get a map of the various hiking and rock climbing routes with ratings that most of the local stores have.

One of the most attractive passes you can choose for rock climbing is the Cerces range between Briancon and Grenoble. Go on a warm summer day to climb the tall peaks of the Cerces range to save avoid the chills of cold humid winds that come from the northern Alps. Although this range gets a 7a rating that might scare away beginners, it is relatively easier and attractive with its panoramic views of the valley and the mountains.

Some of the cliffs and rock climbing destinations around Briancon of interest to avid climbers are:

  • The friendly and short routes of Oratoire
  • Rocher Baron that has a number of bolts and holds for easy climbing
  • The scariest and sharpest red cliffs of the Fressinieres
  • The slabs of the Ailefroide where the climbers need to carefully step on the rocks and slabs to avoid sliding

In addition to rock-climbing, you can also enjoy bouldering at the campsite situated on top of the Ailefroide Valley and ice climbing in the Freissiniere valleys in winters.

At an altitude of 1326 meters, Briancon has around 20 hiking and rock climbing routes that have everything a rock climber looks forward to, including smaller cliffs in town for sports climbing and the granite and limestone cliffs in the Hautes Alpes for the intrepid climber.

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