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Summer Holidays in Briancon and Serre Chevalier

Although both Serre Chevalier and Briancon are most well known for their ski slopes, holidaying here in summer can be just as relaxing and fulfilling. In fact, the tourist industry in these towns is as flourishing in summer months as in the winter.

White water rafting

White water rafting near BrianconWhite water rafting is a popular sport during the summer months. Visitors based in Briancon or Serre Chevalier can hire rafts to go down the Guisane. The river originates at Col du Lautaret and flows strong and fast down the lush mountainous path through the valley. Even beginners can try their hand at white water rafting in these waters because the waterway is clear of steep gorges and rocky terrain. You can cover about 8 kms of water here until you reach Briancon. There are some rapids, the Guibertes that complete novices should be aware of before starting out. But you can also join the river beyond this point to avoid these completely.

Hiking in the breathtaking Alps  

Hiking near BrianconThe surrounding areas of Briancon and Serre Chevalier are also ideal locations for another popular summertime activity- hiking. Some of France’s most spectacular national parks are located near these towns. Hikers can make their way through these parks, stopping on the way at picturesque villages both on the way to the parks and inside their perimeter. The Ecrins National Park as well as the Queyras National Park are two of the most visited places by hiking groups. You can see a variety of Alpine flora and fauna in these places as well as get a close up view of glaciers in the mountains surrounding these parks. Mountaineering trips to Ailefroide are particularly popular and you will find many tourist sight seeing operators offering mountain climbing and hiking packages in Briancon and Serre Chevalier.

Mountain biking in the exhilarating mountains

Mountain biking in Alps near BrianconFor those who prefer solitude, biking and climbing are the best suited activities for a summer in Briancon or Serre Chevalier. There are well maintained mountain bike trails at both places, but Briancon with its status as the highest European city has the most spectacular views. The trails are marked clearly so that no matter how far into the mountain’s lush greenery you go, you can always find your way back to your lodgings. The Guisane valley also has a number of easy to traverse bike trails through rich Alpine greenery. For the more adventurous, the Balcons de Serre Chevalier trail or the Chemin du Roy are more challenging trails in this area.

Fishing in the Guisane river

Fishing in the Guisane River in the AlpsOnce you have exhausted yourself with all these strenuous activities, you can also relax while fishing in the Guisane river. Trout fishing is a very fruitful and enjoyable pastime for both tourists and locals. If you are not inclined to catch fish, you can simply watch the crystal clear water flow down the mountains and give your body a real breath of fresh, Alpine air.

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