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A Hiker’s Paradise

Walking in Briancon MountainsThe picturesque location of Briancon makes it the ideal spot for hiking. Even within the city, there is so much to see that hiking and backpacking can take a good few days of your vacation if you want to cover most hot spots. The city itself is divided into two - the fortress and citadel built by Vauban falling within the area that is accessible to the public, and the other fortified portion of the town, which is not always open to visitors. So, if you want to hike up to this second part of the city to take a look inside the intriguing tunnels and underground passages, which are said to riddle this fortification, you may have to plan well ahead.

Hikers should definitely visit this part of the city, even if they are not permitted to enter the tunnels or buildings. The unobstructed view of the valleys and mountains is spectacular when seen from here.

Nature lovers should also visit the Ecrins Park on their visit to Briancon. This is one of the seven national parks in France and lies to the west of the fortress town. More than 700,000 visitors come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful environs of the park each year. The never ending mountain peaks, vast expanse of greenery and gurgling streams of crystal clear water make this park a nature lover’s dream come true. The park itself is spread over a massive 230,000 acres and encompasses several little villages such as Les Vigneaux and Vallouise that serve as a base of operations from where hikers start their trips. These villages are quaint enough to warrant a visit in their own right.

Serious hikers should not miss a visit to the mountain glaciers in this park. Pure white glaciers as well as those with morainic grey tint can both be seen in this area. The greatest attractions are Glacier Blanc and Glacier de la Pilatte.

The Mont Dauphin fortress located within the Queyras region is also a good hiking destination. This is a UNESCO World heritage site and is accessible from the Briancon town. The Queyras National Park that lies near the Mont Dauphin is another must-see for hikers. In winter, skiing is the most popular activity in this park while hiking, biking and trekking draw the crowds in summer months. If you like local handicrafts, then you can pick up hand made lace, baskets and wood craft on your hiking trip through Queyras. Alpine flora and fauna can be seen in their natural environment in this beautiful national park.

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