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One of the best places in Europe to fill your winter with adventure and fun activities is the Serre Chevalier resort and the city of Briançon. Located in the heart of the magnificent French Alps, Briancon has much more to offer than skiing and snowboarding to its winter visitors. While the place is excellent for on-trail skiing, backcountry skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, you can also enjoy a range of other winter activities - from adventurous ice climbing to relaxing natural hot baths of Le Monêtier-les-Bains.

Here are some of the various activities you can partake in Briançon and Serre Chevalier.

Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing in Briancon The hub of skiing and snowboarding in the French Alps, Briancon has some of the best ski ranges along with the largest ski resort in Southern Alps – the Serre Chevalier. The resort has a snowpark for freestylers, intermediate and amateur snowboarders and covers 13 villages in the valley with its slopes running through all of them. With a ski lift pass in Briançon, you can also ski or snowboard at other resorts near the city like - Puy Saint Vincent, LA Grave and Les Deux Alpes.

Ice climbing

Ice climbing around Briancon Briancon is the Mecca for rock-climbing and ice-climbing activities in the Southern Alps. The valleys of Fournel, La Grave and Fressiniere are some of the popular areas near Briançonand Serre Chevalier for ice climbing. The valley of Fournel has around 100 routes that have ratings between 3 and 6 - suitable for intermediate and advanced level climbers, whereas the Fressiniere which has most of its routes rated between 5 and 6, is meant for the relentless climbers. La Grave is more for the lazy or relaxed climbers as it has icefalls with extremely short routes.

Ice-karting and skating

Ice Karting in Briancon For the non-adventurous types and family vacationers, there are activities like ice-karting and ice-skating, which are also fun. While Chantemerle has both an ice karting track and an ice slating rink for both adults and children, Villeneuve has only an ice-skating rink open in the evenings.

Leisure activities

Thermal Baths near Briancon Briancon and Serre Chevalier also have options for the laid-back travellers. If you don’t want an adrenaline rush, you can simply choose the much relaxed village walks and snow shoe trails to explore the culture and history of Briançon or take a day off from activity and relax in the mineral rich thermal baths of Le Monêtier-les-Bains that are naturally heated to relax and ease your muscles in the bone-chilling winters.

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